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That's JohnTM


At others € 1.199
With us from

€ 50

A logo is a business card for your company. A logo says more than a thousand words. At JohnTM it is possible to have a logo made based on your own needs.


At others € 1.999
With us from

€ 175

A website is also a business card for your company! At JohnTM you can have a professional website made based on your own needs.

Attention! All prices are excluding VAT.


At others  € 30
With us from

€ 10

With JohnTM PC / Device support it is possible to remotely take over your computer or other type of device and then solve the problems on your computer or device.

Less hassle

Less blabla

Hello, we're JohnTM

Partly thanks to JohnTM many people and companies have their own logo and/or website. And we have a taste for it! With our expertise and knowledge we are able to deliver professional websites!

Not only do we offer web design and/or logo design but we are also at home in software and hardware. Does your device no longer work as it should? Come to us and have it repaired. Is it not necessary to visit us and do you think we can solve the problem remotely? Ofcourse, this is possible to!

Customer friendliness is a plus with us. It is also important to us that we can treat you as a human being and not as a product. If we provide you with a service, we are happy to stand by you and will continue to do so until you are satisfied with our service. Of course you are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions. You can also use the live chat at the bottom right of the screen.
Our slogan is “No quantity, but quality!

That’s JohnTM!

At JohnTM we promise less

Less hassle

Sometimes we want to have something in life, but sometimes we’re just too busy for that or it’s too complicated to solve it ourselves. We like to take that problem out of our hands.

We have made our services as efficient as possible, so you know where you stand.
We are clear about what we deliver and will stand by you until the end. This way everyone can be sure that the end product can be delivered as agreed.

Less blah blah

No stories from us about extra unnecessary costs, super-luxury services or products.
Delivering what you say is supposed to be normal.

We’re here for anyone who doesn’t believe in nice talk. And who don’t want any fuss.
JohnTM. Pay less, less hassle, less blah blah.