Our projects

No projects, no services.

At JohnTM we participate in many projects and we are active in various agencies, organizations and companies in order to achieve what we want to achieve. This also means that JohnTM is busy with services outside of our home services. For example, we are working on a large project called privacy tools. On this website you can read all about the best way to guarantee your privacy.

We have also built a small gamers website that allows you to play games on your computer or on your phone without advertising! Because we think advertisements are more than unnecessary!

Furthermore, you will also see projects on this page from our customers that we are currently working on.

So you can see exactly what we are currently doing.

Thanks to these projects we are able to improve our services!

Eat, sleep, game, repeat

Play games without advertising? You can at JohnTM Games!

Vraag en aanbod cafe

The Vraag en Aanbod café has recently started in the meern and was started by Abrona and Lister. The platform of this project is also called “the buddy platform”.

Clients from both organisations come together to make an appointment to walk, swim, go to the cinema, do arts and crafts, play games, etc.

Privacy Tools NL

You’re being watched. Private and state-sponsored organizations monitor and record your online activities. provides services, tools and knowledge to protect your privacy from global mass surveillance.