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A logo says more than a thousand words.

A logo is a business card for your company. A logo says more than a thousand words. At JohnTM it is possible to have a logo made based on your wishes. Please contact us for the possibilities.

A website is your business card!

Even without a website it is often impossible for a company to function properly. We at JohnTM, make sure you have a professional website that shows exactly what your company is about.

Not only companies, but also individuals increasingly purchase websites from us.

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Device Support with love

At JohnTM we do our utmost to help our customers 100% satisfactorily. For example, we also offer remote assistance. Having problems with your computer? Then please contact us. We will send you an offer. After you’ve given us the green light, we’ll get to work. We will call you. This way you can be sure that you don’t get any unnecessary call charges yourself.

Of course, we also do reperations at your home or at our location. However, if your computer cannot be repaired until now, we will take the device with us with your permission and try to make it at our location.

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Your own private statement

As a small or medium-sized company you supply goods and/or services to customers. For this you need personal data. What you do with this data, you tell your customer in a privacy statement on your website. You are also legally obliged to do this.

We create a custom-made privacy statement, which you can then place on your website. This way you can show your visitors exactly what the website needs to run properly!

Good job!

Special services

Designer with a good perspective in design
We are very good at design and have a very good perspective on it. So are you looking for someone who can help you with the design of for example your logo / website or perhaps the interior of your entire company or house? Then please contact us.

Just Social
Of course we offer multiple services like our “Just Social”, with Just Social we help you set up social media like facebook / facebook pages and / or groups / twitter or other social services.

We are also known under special services. For example, we make customized CRM software. Which can sometimes be very easy if you want to process data in your company such as customers/clients data.

With us, the word “ICT” is literally very broad. So do you have any questions or ideas? Then contact us and we can see what we can do for you. We love challenges. So come on!