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Problem? We'll solve it!

With JohnTM Device Support it is possible to take over your computer or any other type of device. and remotely resolve problems on your computer or device.

At JohnTM we do our utmost to help our customers 100% satisfactorily. For example, we also offer remote assistance. Having problems with your computer? Then please contact us. We will send you an offer. After you’ve given us the green light, we’ll get to work. We will call you. This way you can be sure that you don’t get any unnecessary call charges yourself.

Of course, we also do reperations at your home or at our location. However, if your computer cannot be repaired until now, we will take the device with us with your permission and try to make it at our location.

Contact us!

Remote assistance is currently only possible for the platforms listed below.

Connect quickly with teamviewer

We make it easy for you by quickly connecting to team viewer.

Step one. Click on the button below to download teamviewer.

Step 2. Give the session code and name to your agent. You can use the live chat on the right to forward the details to your agent.

Step 3. Wait until your agent connects to your session.
During a session we ask you not to touch your keyboard and mouse, so we can proceed quickly and efficiently!