A logo says more than a thousand words.

A logo says more than a thousand words.

A logo often says more than a thousand words.
At the same time, a logo is also a business card for your company and/or website.

Below you will find a portfolio of what we have already launched.

MEEDOEN in de wijk

This project was started and/or maintained by various organisations in and around Woerden. Including: Abrona, Altrecht, Careyn, Kwintes, Reinaerde, Welzijn Woerden, Municipality of Woerden and WIJ 3.0. The goal was to keep clients of these organizations busy with things like organizing a flea market, cooking for the elderly, sports days , etc… There were also custom made t-shirts with the logo and a taxi with the logo.

Photos by Ariën Claij

This is perhaps our biggest project so far.
Unfortunately, this project has been stopped.

Vraag en Aanbod Café

The Vraag en Aanbod café has recently started in the lake and was started by Abrona and Lister. The platform of this project is also called “the buddy platform”. Clients from both organisations come together to make an appointment to walk, swim, go to the cinema, do arts and crafts, play games, etc. This can be done, for example, with the support of guidance.

Netwerk Vleuten - De Meern - Leidsche Rijn

Netwerk Vleuten – De Meern – Leidsche Rijn is a company of Abrona, Amerpoort, ‘s Heerenloo, Reinaerde, Lister, Pure zorg voor werk, Matthiaszorg, Buro Modo, Welzaam, Doenja, Harten voor Sport, De Wilg, Ciaocafe.

Netwerk Vleuten – De Meern – Leidsche Rijn ensures that the above companies can work together as a single network.

Centrale Cliënten Raad Abrona

There’s also a client council at Abrona. Clients living in Abrona discuss what is important within the organization.

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